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Sex and Sushi

Sex and Sushi

May. 21, 2006 USA
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Sex and Sushi

Sex and Sushi A wisecracking NYC private detective earns a living by exposing cheating husbands to their wives, but when he falls for a client, he starts to reconsider everything he believes.Wow! “Have this washed and brought to my tent!” This movie will make you examine your mating and dating “rules”. A good date movie if you want to break up or get engaged.

Finally got hold of a screening copy of this great little first work. If you like watching the early careers of great filmmakers you’ll love Sex and Sushi by Rob Lawton.

The cheap opening titles and “too-clean” soundtrack. The limited lighting and camera budgets definitely show. But they are the price and privilege of watching a promising source of great film in earliest action.

Think Buffalo ’66 for Vincent Gallo and Ms.45 for Abel Ferrara. It is much more cerebral than Ms.45, and more accessible. It is much leaner and more open than Buffalo ’66, but not quite as emotionally charged.

The dialog is snappy and crisp. The characters are well-developed and mostly likable. The production, a little spare, but thank God the great lines are clearly recorded in very well-lit clean spaces.

Rob Lawton, the writer/director/main actor of Sex and Sushi plays a jaded young NYC Private Investigator “Bobby” and I really believed I knew his type.

Fast, arrogant, unemotional and unconcerned with anyone outside of his skin. An Upper East Side Prince turned profiteer. Using his own disenchantment with the possibility of “true love” as the basis for a lucrative and slimy profession. He captures or even traps his fellow humans in their own selfish desires.

*We get to watch him fall in love and lose his own love “Rachel” in his need to stay “unfooled”*

Original titleSex & Sushi
IMDb Rating7.1 34 votes

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