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WWE Money in the Bank 1x1

WWE Money in the Bank

WWE Money in the Bank   A golden opportunity awaits for six superstars, as they fight to win money in the bank, briefcase.Money In The Bank 2017 was a show that was just OK.

I had little to no expectations going into this match other than the two Money In The Bank matches.

The women’s MITB was overall quite good and the ending was actually quite good,

I knew somehow James Ellsworth was going to get involved in the match at some point but I didn’t think for a second that he would actually grab the briefcase therefore making Carmella the winner.

Ellsworth grabbing the case is what makes the match a bit ruined for me.

The Tag Team Championship match was OK the finish was great, The Usos lost but at least they lost by countout.

I believe they should keep the belts until Summerslam for someone like Breezango to win it but it’s probably going to end up being The New Day again.

Naomi and Lana put on an average match I was impressed by Lana in her debut match but Naomi won and that just seems right.

Jinder Mahal won against Randy Orton for the second time but I feel like he shouldn’t have won by pinfall.

Randy Orton beat up the Singh brothers after they assaulted Randy Orton’s father at ringside, even though they were technically ejected from ringside I feel like the amount of time Orton was out there for he should have been counted out as Jinder was still in the ring, it would have showed that Randy needed to control his anger and that would build up another match at Summerslam.

Jinder is actually quite a good wrestler, I was impressed by him.

Jun. 18, 2017

WWE Money in the Bank season 1