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The Mist 1x6

The Devil You Know

The Mist

The Mist  At the hospital, Kevin becomes an involuntary test subject on what drives the Mist; after Nathalie discusses her theories about “The Black Spring,”

she has a violent encounter with Link.

After an eerie mist rolls into a small town, the residents must battle the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain their morality and sanity.

I am very disappointed with this as I was looking forward to it being a big fan of the movie, but not having read the novel.

I have only watched the first three episodes so my review is limited to those shows.

Very much like the movie the mist moves in and various characters get trapped in a variety of places with other characters supposedly creating tension. But there is none.

Characters do stupid infuriating things.

But unlike the movie there is almost nothing happening outside in the mist and what does happen is not very interesting.

It’s about 90% characters sitting around talking about their feelings.

I know this will allow them to drag it out from a movie to a ten episode TV show and keep the budget low but it’s quite tedious as the characters are not that strong.

Maybe it will pick up but so far it’s very boring.

The Mist: 1×6
Jul. 27, 2017

The Mist season 1