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Ridiculousness 9x11

Teyana Taylor


Ridiculousness Teyana Taylor joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to pay tribute to “Kid Nappers,” tell us about “Birthday Assassins,” and what it’s like to be in a “Lust Bubble.

“I won’t talk about how this is the 500th Talk Soup rip-off.Or how Talk Soup was only funny when John Henson was the host.Or that Tosh.

0 is a million times better than any of these shows.

I won’t even talk about that lame ESPN video show that lasted about two weeks.

I will talk about how I have always hated Rob Dyrdek and the circus of untalented blacks and black wannabes that he surrounds himself with.

This is his third show for MTV and it’s amazing they stuck with him so long considering all the garbage he has churned out.

On this show Rob, a random black guy no one has ever heard of and a mentally challenged blonde bimbo watch videos that Tosh made fun of eight years ago and somehow it still works.

The idiot blonde laughs like a dolphin and it gets old real fast but they make up for it by making fun of her.She is so stupid that she didn’t even know what Music Television is.I might end a lot of sentences with prepositions but if I got rich from being on a cable TV network,

I would know their name.I’d bet every penny she has that she doesn’t even know what a preposition is.I want to hate this show but I can’t.The only thing I hate about it is that they have six minutes of commercials for every five minutes of show.Sometimes I forget what I was watching and change the channel.This is the only show on MTV worth watching.


Feb. 24, 2017

Ridiculousness season 9