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The Night Shift 4x6

Family Matters

  The Night Shift

The Night Shift  Kenny joins Drew at his MMA veteran’s support group and finds himself in the fight of his life. Jordan and Cain treat casualties from a hotel fire while Shannon follows a hunch to help save a young victim.

Paul’s superstar sister, Dr. Bella Cummings, pays a visit to San Antonio Memorial.

Meanwhile, TC finally returns home, forcing him to deal with Topher’s death.

Truly enjoy the show. Great characters, good stories.

However, it drives me crazy to see the American flag displayed incorrectly on the side of the hanger in Afghanistan.

When hung vertically the blue field with stars is always on the left. Movies and TV series invariably get this wrong!

One would think that movie producers and directors would know this by now.

Look at the flag in the well of the U.S.

Congress and you will see the flag displayed properly.

Really, it is not that hard people.

Know your flag etiquette if you are going to do stories giving credit to our brave military men and women.

I do like the show and will continue to watch. Good series

The Night Shift: 4×6
Jul. 27, 2017

The Night Shift season 4