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Botched 4x1

The Boob Fountain Of Youth


Botched A drag queen seeks Dr. Dubrow’s expertise to rejuvenate his breast implants (and career); the doctors  meet a woman who wants to blow up her butt.

I just love this show. It doesn’t feel fake like so much reality TV does.

The doctors are truly caring individuals, you can’t fake that, they aren’t actors. Dr. Nassif has more than once gotten all misty eyed. They love what they do and they love helping people and they take great pride in their work.

Sure the format is a little repetitive, but that’s just the way the show is put together. It’s too bad they can’t show anything on-screen but it doesn’t bother me. It’s the stories that are interesting, the before and after, and the ways people’s lives are transformed. Sure some of the people are a bit shallow, but hey, this is a show about plastic surgery, it’s to be expected. Some of them really deserve the help they receive.

I also like how the doctors are very responsible. They turn away people who they think are not good candidates. “First do no harm”. So many doctors seem to have forgotten their oath. More than a few plastic-surgery addicted people have tried to apply. If they were botched, they got help. If they just wanted to indulge their addiction, they got turned away with a warning. Few of them took the warning seriously and most vowed to get their chosen surgery anyway, but a few listened.


Jun. 18, 2017

Botched season 4